IDO, DEX listing, tokenomics update, project update

5 min readSep 2, 2021


The date of our IDO and subsequent listing have finally been set. The IDO presale will start on Sunday, 5 September 2021 at 9pm CET. It will run until all the tokens are sold or until Friday, 10 September at 9pm CET. After it closes we will add liquidity on PancakeSwap immediately.

Key parameters

A maximum of 15 millions ISH tokens (or 1.5% of the total supply) will be put on sale on our smart contract, at a fully diluted market cap of 20,000 BNB (about $0.01 per ISH). Consequently the maximum amount of BNB raised (hard cap) is fixed at 300 BNB. 100% of the presale’s BNB proceeds will then be added, along with an equivalent amount of ISH, as liquidity to the ISH/BNB pair, at a price at least equal to that of the presale. The ISH tokens not sold during the presale will be locked after the IDO closes (see tokenomics section below)

How to join the presale

The presale will take place on our custom smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Our smart contract features an increasing price curve which rewards earlier investors.

You can join the presale easily: just send some BNB to our smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain. You will receive your ISH tokens immediately. The presale smart contract address you need to send BNB to is 0xA1ccFab4587Ee3633eDc8DcC5781F5F68794E91.

Secondary markets

Since the tokens are transferred immediately, we cannot prevent token holders from trading them, and as a result you might find some ISH on sale on different markets, in particular on AMM where any participant can propose their token for sale or create a liquidity pool with their tokens. For example a small liquidity pool was added on PancakeSwap during our previous presale.

In general we support the free market, and if one is able to find ISH at a better price somewhere else that is fine for us. Our recommendation on this matter is the following: only do it if you know what you’re doing. In particular, always make sure the price you’re buying at is lower than on our website. Some investors lost a lot of money in the previous sale by buying ISH on PancakeSwap at ridiculous prices.

Update on our tokenomics

Our previous sale was made with 100% of the ISH tokens unlocked. The earliest investors trusted us and we are thankful to them for that. However as the project grows in size and in number of investors we realize it becomes increasingly harder to justify this, and questions about this have become more pressing. Since we certainly don’t intend to dump ISH, crash the market, and alienate our investors altogether, it is not a problem for us to tighten our tokenomics. We have therefore decided to lock most of our tokens. As of 31 August, 95% of the ISH token supply is now locked on DxSale in two different locks:

  • one lock with 80% of total supply for 1 year, with a 2 x 6 months vesting period (see lock on DxSale)
  • one lock with 15% of total supply for 6 months, with a 5 x 1.2 months vesting period (see lock on DxSale)
  • of the remaining 5%, up to 3.5% (including the tokens sold in our first presale) will be sold through presale, and up to 1.5% will be used to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap. The liquidity will then be locked entirely, as will the remaining (unsold) tokens.

ISH in the short term

Of course we cannot predict the future, especially the future of crypto markets. And of course we cannot to give investment advice either. We can give facts however, and there are several factual elements for the Interlude Shell token that might reassure existing and potential investors:

  • first, we will ramp up on marketing ahead of the next scavenger hunt. Our previous presale and scavenger hunt were marketed with a budget of a few thousands dollars, the next scavenger hunt will have ten times more! In particular, we have some partnerships planned with very big Youtubers and influencers, bigger than anything we had so far. So a lot of crypto investors and players will hear about the project for the first time.
  • second, demand will increase with each scavenger hunt. Starting from the next scavenger hunt we will require all participants to hold at least 5000 ISH in their wallet to be able to initialize the hunt and validate the keys. This will add a lot of demand to the token, considering we are aiming at more than a thousand participants. We will give more info on the next scavenger hunt in an upcoming Medium article.

So these will be two big demand drivers. In the contrary, supply will get more constrained since we are locking most of the tokens. Once our presale ends on the 10th of September, all of the tokens available will be either on PancakeSwap (with locked liquidity) or in the hands of existing investors, many of which don’t intend to sell unless they see a substantial return. It is therefore likely we will see a lot of volatility in the days following the listing.

As to the long term prospects, things are also looking very optimistic. This article is focusing on the upcoming IDO and the prospects of the ISH token. In the coming days we will publish a second article, which will describe the current state of the project, the upcoming scavenger hunts, what we can expect in the near future, and our plans to make it happen faster. Stay tuned!

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